H7 low 9005 high to H4 relayed

H7 low 9005 high to H4 relayed

This is built so you can use the H4 headlights in place of your H7 lowbeam 9005 highbeam lights.

This will plug into your factory harness and into you H4 headlights.

It is built with a relay so the low beam will turn off when you switch over to highbeam.

Made with 14 gauge SXL wire, terminals are crimped and soldered and loom is installed to protect the wires.

Wires are 12″ long and the relay has a mounting bracket.

$95.00   Shipped in the United States

Canada and Overseas orders extra shipping charges will be charged.

Pair: $70.00

2 prong low beam socket, 9005 high beam socket.