LT1 Water Pump

Water Pump Harness

LT1 Waterpump

B-Body Lt1 waterpump harness

I make this harness for use with the Meziere electric water pump.

This is a plug and play harness, no holes to drill or wires to cut.

This harness has a 40amp relay and a 15 amp auto reset circuit breaker.

Connector to plug into the Meziere water pump, and connector for fuse box connection. All terminals are crimped and soldered. Wires are run through flame retardant loom for protection.

This harness is for use with the Meziere electric water pump with the black weather pack connector. Harness for 94-96 Impala S/S, Caprice with LT1:

(This harness can be used with other brand electric water pumps just order the connector below).

Water pump harness instructions

$65.00 (Water Pump Harness)

$3.00 (Connector for water pump harness)



This the same 4 pin relay I use in my harness.



Circuit Breaker

These are the same maxi style auto reset circuit breakers I use in my water pump harness.

$3.50 (Maxi auto reset circuit breaker)