Toyota Depo Harness

Toyota Depo Harness

This is a full set of harness to allow you to install the Depo H4/H1 headlights.

2) 9006 to H4 harness wired to turn on low beam.

2) 9005 to H1 adaptor harness wired as high beam.

H4 highbeam is non functional.

Toyota Depo headlight harness set.$55.00


Land Cruiser Headlight Harness


This is a 3 relayed head light harness that will allow you to install and use your new Depo lights to their fullest. This plugs into your factory harness and into the Depo lights.

Built with 12 gauge sxl wire on all main power and grounds all ends are crimped and soldered, adhesive shrink is installed on non sealed terminals.

It has a relay to operate H4 low beams, a relay to operate the H4 high beam and a relay to operate the H1 high beam. Each system uses a 20 amp auto reset circuit breaker.

This will you to safely install high wattage bulbs without the risk of doing damage to your factory wiring or switches.

Toyota 3 relay harness. $155.00