Items available

Items available at this time 4/22/2022 to purchase, prices include shipping within the United States.  Canada and over seas will have extra shipping costs. Email me with the item you wish to order and your Paypal email so I can send you an invoice.

I will take first come to fill orders.

Thank you,


Impala SS / Caprice / Roadmaster Items:

  • Battery cables set LT1, H/O Top post.                                1 available. $200.00
  • TSB Fan Harness,.                                                                  1 available. $200.00
  • Fan to Fan Harness,.                                                              1 available. $90.00




Camaro / Firebird:



  • MK4 H/O battery cables                                                         1 available  $180.00
  • You must supply the length of your starter cable when ordering.
  • MK4 2 gauge alternator cable.                                              1 available. $80.00